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About us

Melexis core experience supplying ICs for automotive electronics sustains the expansion into Application Specific Standard Products for industrial and consumer product applications. Melexis enthusiastically pursues its role as a component supplier whose innovations, while physically small, are the essential element in nearly every one of our customers’ extraordinary systems. At Melexis we believe that „Small things make a big difference“. Melexis’ products include sensor, communication, actuator ICs and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Melexis IC’s make a difference in the vehicles of companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Suzuki, Toyota, GM and Ford. Among other non-automotive end users Melexis supports brands like Samsung, Nokia, Phillips, Toshiba and others.

Melexis Bulgaria facts about the company


Melexis wants to put you directly into a position with real responsibilities such as: design, application, product, process, quality or test engineering. You will be assigned to project teams working on leading edge IC development for the automotive, sensor and wireless markets. We are committed to intensively invest in our employees. An in house „Graduate
Development Program“ will help develop your technical and business skills to further your personal and professional growth. Within 2 years you will have the opportunity to build further experience in a second starting position. As a final part of your induction within Melexis, a six month duration assignment abroad is available to participants in this Graduate
Development Program, Possible locations include Erfurt (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Kiev (Ukraine), Manila (Philippines), Ieper (Belgium), Tessenderlo (Belgium), China or Japan. Further deployment within our global business will primarily depend on your roven capabilities, intrinsic motivation and personal interests.


About 700 people make our workforce, but we are constantly looking for capable professionals to increase that number.
If you have a university degree in Engineering, preferably in Electronics or Microelectronics, you can apply for positions in the field of:
• Design, application and test engineering
• Product engineering
• Process engineering
• Quality
• Global technical support
You should know too that with Melexis you could reveal your potential and career path also in the areas of:
• Customer service
• Human resources
• Finance

Our offer

Unlimited duration contract, with robation period. A challenging opportunity to deploy your professional and personal skills
in an international, quality-driven business environment. A multicultural team structure, where driven professionals are motivated to contribute to the further evelopment of the company on an international scale. The possibility to join one of the world’s most renowned companies in the sector.

Successful applicant

The successful candidate has:
• University Degree
• Fluency in English
• International mobility
• Business skills learning potential
• Fitting into Melexis values and

How to apply?

If you believe you can make the ifference in our organization, send CV detailing your professional experience to sofiajobs[at]melexis.com or find us at www.melexis.com/careers with updated open ositions.


address: Sofia 1138, Gorubliane
Distr. 2 „Samokovsko Shose“ Blvd.
fax: +359 2 80 70 406
e-mail: sofiajobs@melexis.com
web site: www.melexis.com/careers

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